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Self-Managed Teams Are Already A Proven Success

Could you build a business around teams of people who have no manager and who report to no one up a "food chain"? If you want your business to thrive going forward, you just might want to..

5 frequently asked questions in job interviews

If you have been to several job interviews, you must have noticed that some questions are repeated at almost every company..

Tips to help you get your dream job

Do You like Your job? We hope that you do. If you don't, we wish for you to find a dream job you wouldn't change for anything else. We, the Dream Job team, believe that it is easy to find a dream job, which is why we have listed a few tips to help you do that....

Do your friends and family always compliment your food?

Vai Tavi radi un draugi vienmēr slavē Tavus gatavotos ēdienus..